How To Write A Letter Or An Application

A letter or an application is the written message which we want to write to the person who is far from us. We often write a letter to our friends or relatives. Sometimes we have to write an application to get leave to send to the principal. And sometimes we have to lodge a complaint. In such ways, we get a lot of chance to write a letter or an application.

There are three kinds of letters:

  1. Personal Letters: we write a personal letter to our relatives, friends, and known or informal person.
  2. Business Letters: we write a business letter to businessmen and firms or company.
  3. Official Letters: we write an official letter to a government officer, postmaster, traffic superintendent, health officer, S.H.O. etc.

Parts Of Letter:

Every letter has six parts, so let’s know about all parts:

  1. Heading
  2. The Salutation Or Greeting
  3. The Body Of The Letter
  4. The Subscription
  5. The Signature
  6. The Address

These all six parts are equally important to remember while writing a letter or an application.


The heading has two parts:

a) Address of the sender

b) The Date of writing a letter

The sender writes the address and date at the left side of the letter. Let’s understand it with some examples:

86 Mayur Vihar Phase 3


October 16, 2018



Delhi- 110017

October 16, 2018


Examination Hall


October 16, 2018

2. The Salutation or Greeting:

A salutation is the standard form of words which shows the intimacy or closeness to the person a letter written to. We write salutation below the heading and at the left side of the page. We always write salutation with Capital Letter of the first and the last word. Let’s understand it with some examples:

a) Salutation in Personal Letters

(i) To Blood Relations:

My dear Father,

My dear Mother,

My dear Brother,

My dear Sister,

My dear Uncle,

My dear Krishna,

(ii) To Friends:

Dear Arti,

My dear Shubham,

Note: we never write Dear Friend or My dear Friend.

b) To Business:

Dear Sir,

Dear Madam,

c) To Officials:



d) To Principal/ Headmaster/ Teacher:



3.The Body Of The Letter

Starting of the letter must be good, We start writing the body of the letter with a capital alphabet from the left side and the next lower line. It is a significant part of the letter to express feeling beautifully with help of words. And our way expressing as must be as we are talking with the receiver. We must concern about punctuation. Incorrect punctuation changes the meaning. Let’s understand it with some examples:

a) Personal Letters:

I am glad to receive your letter.

It gives me pleasure to inform your you.

I got your letter yesterday.

I am in receipt of your letter.

It is long since silence I heard from you.

I am sorry I could not write to you earlier.

I am shocked to hear of hear of the sad and untimely death of …

I cannot understand your long silence. It has made me very anxious.

In short, it is appropriate to use words expressing intimacy.

b) Business Letters:

May I draw your kind attention to …

I shall be obliged if you kindly …

I shall be glad if you send me …

Would you be kind enough to send me the following articles …

c) Official Letters and Applications:

I beg to say that…

I beg to state …

I have to report …

I have the honor to bring your kind notice …

Being given to understand that you require a few clerks for your office…

With reference to your advertisement in the ‘The Times Of India’ of the 9th instant …

Individual letters must always end on humble ambition and on the hope and thanks to the completion of official letters, such as:

a) Personal Letters:

With kind regards,

With love and best wishes,

Convey my best regards to your dear father and mother,

With love to your brother and sister,

Well, goodbye for the present,

Hoping to hear from you soon,

With love from all of us,

Please remember me to all at home,

With sincere sympathy in your distress,

Wishing you still better luck,


b) Business Letters Official Letters:

Thanking you,

Thanking you in anticipation,

Hoping to be favored with an early reply,

4. The Subscription

The end of the letter should be according to the line with its start. After the last word of this letter, the next line should be written on the left side of the page. It should start with a capital alphabet and comma, such as:

a) To Blood Relations: Yours affectionately,

b) To Friends: Yours sincerely,

c) To Principal/ Headmaster/ Teacher: Yours obediently,

d) To Officials/ Businessmen: Yours faithfully,

e) To strangers: Yours truly,

Note: do not use an apostrophe(‘) with yours.

5.The Signature

The signature of the letter writer should be clear. These are written below subscription. A woman and a man must write the word of conscience, Smt, Kumari, Miss, or Miss and Shri, Mr respectively, with the name in the bracket such as:

Yours faithfully,

Miss Laxmi Tyagi,


Yours sincerely,

Shri Aman Bhardwaj

6.The Address

The address is written on the envelope of the postcard, such as

Postage Stamp

Shri Prashant Bhardwaj

86 Mayur Vihar Phase 3,


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