How To Write An Article

Hello, the curious learners and welcome to yeah English class, so today we are going to do article writing which comes in your writing skills, it also fetches your friends, colleagues and fellows’ attraction towards you. So generally an article also plays an important role for a writer. The format of writing article is so easy and the only thing you need to mind while writing an article that you have to use proper vocabulary and grammar.

What Is An Article?

An article is a piece of writing and an expression of one’s thoughts on an issue or subject with which a country is dealing. We usually find it printed in newspapers or magazines. 


a) Heading

First of all, in the center, you have to write th Heading and the heading must be catchy and sharp so that it can grab the attention of the readers.

b) Byline

From the center below the heading, you have to write by and the name of the person who is writing the article.

c) Body

After writing the heading and byline, you have straight away start with the main body of your article. Which divided into three paragraph.

  • paragraph- 1
  • paragraph- 2
  • paragraph- 3

Paragraph- 1

– Slogan

– Question

– Amazing fact/ figure

– Statement

– Brief introduction

So when you start with a slogan or fact it grabs the attraction of the reader so always try to learn some of important slogan or fact otherwise you can give a brief introduction.

For example, if you are writing an article on pollution so in the first paragraph, I will describe the definition of pollution or I can give an amazing fact about the pollution level to introduce it.

Paragraph- 2

– Causes

– Effects

– Present state/ condition

In the second paragraph, you have to explain the cause, effects and third you have to explain the present condition or present state because of the issue.

So the second paragraph contains a maximum word limit. First paragraph and third paragraph are generally small but the second paragraph has a great length. So you can write causes, effects and present state or condition. If you are writing an article on pollution so you have to mention that what are the causes of pollution. You have to explain that what are the effects pollution is having in our life. So You have to cover all these three aspects in this paragraph.

Paragraph- 3

– Solution

– conclusion

The third Paragraph is a concluding paragraph. In this paragraph, you have to write your solution and conclusion. As the same example, you are writing an article on pollution, so you have to write a solution that can you control the pollution.

And two to three beautiful lines you have to end your article. So these concluding lines as must be written as the reader can feel it a satisfactory conclusion.

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