Use Of Dare

In this lesson, we are going to learn about the ‘Use Of Dare‘. ‘Dare’ means to have the courage to do something risky, difficult or dangerous. Use Of Dare also indicates to defy or challenge someone especially to prove courage.

Use Of Dare

We can understand the ‘Use Of Dare’ with some examples, so let’s start learning:

  • He dares follow the rowdies.
  • I dare write something important on the board.
  • She dares handle the situation.
  • They dare do bike stunts.
  • We dare accept the challenge.
  • I dare challenge him for this competition.
  • You dare face the interview.
  • She dares serve all the guests.
  • She dares sing anywhere.
  • They dare compete for the race.

Note: We will not apply or put ‘to‘ after ‘Dare‘.

There is a common phrase in Eglish of Dare which is the most common in daily life:

“How dare you ………….?”

Let’s learn some examples of learning this common expression of “Use Of Dare“:

  • How dare you touch my bag?
  • How dare you talk me like this?
  • How dare her point me a finger? 
  • How dare them to abuse you without any reason?
  • How dare you touch her?

Now start having a conversation with help of it:

Question: Dare you _______________?

Reply positively: Yes, I dare ________________.

Reply negatively: No, I do not/ don’t dare _____________.

Shivani Vats

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