Use Of Future Indefinite

In this lesson, we are going to learn about the ‘Use Of Future Indefinite’. It is one of the most frequent tenses which is so simple to use in our daily life conversation. It indicates to coming the time or an action which someone going to take.

Use Of Future Indefinite

We can understand the ‘use of there’ with some examples, so let’s start learning:

  • I will achieve whatever I want only because of my hard work.
  • You will get the chance to participate in the competition.
  • She will get married to Rahul Roy.
  • We will be the student of the year.
  • By and by they will be able to earn a sufficient amount of money.
  • Secure the first position in the class.
  • She will learn about cooking.
  • He will sing so well.
  • I will start teaching online.
  • We will learn all the strategy of chess.
  • He will go to the hospital for treatment.
  • She will pay for the movie tickets.
  • We shall go for a picnic tomorrow.
  • They shall meet you at a restaurant.
  • I will sing a beautiful song for you.

Here are some contractions which native speakers use while speaking, so here is the list :

  • I shall_ I’ll
  • You shall_ you’ll
  • He will_ he’ll
  • She will_ she’ll
  • They shall_ they’ll
  • We shall_ we’ll
  • It will_ that’ll
  • will not_ won’t
  • Shall not_ shan’t

Now start having a conversation  in case of a plural subject with help of it:

Question: Shall you ___________?

Reply positively: Yes, I shall/ I’ll ___________.

Reply negatively: No, I shall not/ I shan’t___________.

Now start having a conversation  in case of a plural subject with help of it:

Question: Will he/she __________?

Reply positively: Yes, he/she will or he’ll/she’ll __________.

Reply negatively: No, he/she will not or he/she won’t ___________.

Note: In speaking, we use ‘will’ with both singular and plural subjects but not in writing.

Shivani Vats

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