Use Of Going To

Here we are learning ‘Use Of Going To’. It is also constructed as ‘gonna’ which is grammatically incorrect and spoken by native speakers.

Use Of Going To

‘Use Of Going To’ tells about the action which is already planned and the speaker will take that action in near the future.

We can understand it with some examples:

  • He is going to speak English.
  • He is going to do engineering.
  • She is going to make an art.
  • She is going to show mercy.
  • I am going to take some rest.
  • They are going to upgrade their confidence level.
  • They are going to sing beautifully.
  • We are going to learn to speak English.
  • You are going to crack jokes.
  • You are going to speak well.

Here are some contractions which native speakers use while speaking, so here is the list :

  • I am going to _ I’m gonna
  • You are going to _ you’re gonna
  • He is going to _ he’s gonna
  • She is going to _ she’s gonna
  • They are going to _ they’re gonna
  • We are going to _ we’re gonna
  • That is going to _ that’s gonna

So let’s try to speak it with the help of some examples, so here is the list below :

  • I’m gonna play hockey.
  • He’s gonna watch the scary movie.
  • She’s gonna run fast.
  • They’re gonna laugh at her.
  • We’re gonna discuss a topic.
  • You’re gonna get progressing.

Now, start having a conversation with help of it:

Question: Are you going to/ gonna __the first form of the verb__?

Reply positively: Yes, I’m going to/ gonna __the first form of the verb__.

Reply negatively: No, I’m not going to/ gonna __the first form of the verb__.


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