Use of Has, Have, and Had

These all are used to show one’s possession on anything. We use has with singular subjects (he, she, it, Aditya etc.), whereas we apply have with plural subjects (I, you, they, friends etc.).

We can understand it with some examples:

  • He has something to tell us.
  • She has nothing to tell.
  • You have a confidence level.
  • I have a royal car.
  • We have knowledge of English.
  • They have a plan for this weekend.
  • You have my gifted pen.
  • You have a good luck.
  • She has a good friend.
  • He has a talent.

Had is a past tense of both has and have. It also shows one’s possession on anything. So let’s understand with the help of some examples:

  • He had something to describe us.
  • She had nothing to share with them.
  • You had your own house.
  • I had a royal car.
  • We had a good company.
  • They had a great opportunity.
  • You had the full support of my family.
  • You had the best job.
  • She had a dashing husband.
  • He had a good sense of humor.

Here are some contractions which native speakers use while speaking, so here is the list :

  • I have- I’ve
  • You have- You’ve
  • We have- We’ve
  • They have- They’ve
  • He has- He’s
  • She has- She’s
  • I had- I’d
  • We had- We’d
  • You had- You’d
  • They had- They’d
  • He had- He’d
  • She had- She’d

So let’s try to speak it with the help of some examples, so here is the list below :

  • I’ve a delicious lunch today.
  • He’s a gifted watch.
  • She’s the band.
  • They’ve full support of their parents.
  • We’ve a special plan for this weekend.
  • You’ve a good dress for the party.
  • I’d hockey match yesterday.
  • He’d a good friend circle.
  • She’d the supportive guide.
  • They’d a final chance.
  • We’d a nice time with our classmates.
  • You’d had the interesting music collection.

Now start having a conversation with help of it:

Question: Have/ had you ____________________?

Reply positively: Yes, I have/ had_________________.

Reply negatively: No, I haven’t/ hadn’t _____________.


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