Use of IS, AM, ARE + (Verb+ing)

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Here we are learning ‘be forms’ (IS, AM, ARE) as a helping verb, which shows progressing of action in the present tense. It also shows continuous action in present.

We can understand it with some examples:

He is speaking English.

He is doing engineering.

She is making an art.

She is showing mercy.

I am getting tired.

They are upgrading their confidence level.

They are singing beautifully.

We are learning to speak English.

You are cracking jokes.

You are speaking well.

Here are some contractions which native speakers use while speaking, so here is the list :

I am -I’m

You are- you’re

He is -he’s

She is -she’s

They are- they’re

We are -we’re

That is -that’s

So let’s try to speak it with the help of some examples, so here is the list below :

I’m playing hockey.

He’s watching the scary movie.

She’s running fast.

They’re laughing at her.

We’re we discussing a topic.

You’re getting progressing.

Now, start having conversation with help of it:

Question: Are you ________?

Reply positively: Yes, I’m _____.

Reply negatively: No, I’m not _.

Author: Shubham Swami

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