Use Of Keep – An Imperative Sentence or Expression

There are many sentences for imperative expressions and use of keep is also one of them which we can use as an imperative expression. Imperative sentences are used to express an order or command, offer, advice or suggestion and request. A subject is always missing in these sentences. For example; take your seat, please put this marker on the table, etc.

Whenever you want to express the use of keep we say to continues a course of action then you can use this expression. This sounds as similar as you are saying “keep it up” or “keep going”. But here we will add a particular gerund (verb+ ing) word with “keep”. Let’s understand it with some examples:

  • Keep enjoying yourselves.
  • Keep studying.
  • Keep practicing for your competition.
  • Keep focusing on your goal.
  • Keep riding the bicycle.
  • Keep driving the car.
  • Keep traveling.
  • Keep learning English.
  • Keep writing something.
  • Keep supporting your family in every situation.

As you are noticing in the above sentences, there is no any subject in any sentence as these imperative sentences as discussed but if you can observe or feel in these sentences a subject is always “YOU” means a person to whom is saying something.

Use of keep is an imperative sentence or expression and in an imperative we never use questions.


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