Use Of Might Have

In this lesson, we are going to learn ‘Use Of Might Have’Basically, ‘Might’ is the past form of ‘May’ but Might have shows an uncertain guess or possibilities which have happened in the past (earlier) situation.

Use Of Might Have

Let’s understand ‘Use Of Might Have’ with some examples:

  • It is 1 o’clock, the flight might have taken off.
  • It is clear, it might have rained.
  • He didn’t work hard, he might have passed.
  • I might have heard that you won the race.
  • She might have called you when at the corridor.
  • They might have been reached at the station.
  • He might have taken lunch as it’s 2 o’clock.
  • He might have been introduced when he met with his seniors.
  • She might have been telling us as she was shivering.
  • I might have been taking shower when you were at the door.

Now, start having a conversation with help of it:

Question: Might you have ___ third form of verb____?

Reply positively: Yes, I might have  _   third form of verb____.

Reply negatively: No, I might not have _   third form of verb___.

Shivani Vats

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