Use Of Need+ Noun

In this lesson, we are going to learn ‘Use Of Need+ Noun‘. it looks similar to Use Of Need+ To+ Verb but in this lesson, we will learn that how to use of need when we have requirement or necessity of noun.

We can understand the ‘Use Of Need+ Noun’ with some examples, so let’s start learning:

  • I need a job.
  • You need treatment.
  • We need guidance.
  • They need some help.
  • She needs a best friend.
  • He needs someone to share feelings.
  • I need an assistant.
  • She needs a reporter.
  • I need some money.
  • I need a cell phone.

Now, start having a conversation with help of it:

Question: Do you need to _______________?

Reply positively: Yes, I need to __________________.

Reply negatively: No, I do not/ doesn’t need to ______________.

Shivani Vats

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