Use Of Past Indefinite

In this lesson, we are going to learn about ‘Use Of Past Indefinite’ it is a frequent tense which is most common in our daily life. It indicates to the actions occurred in past.

Use Of Past Indefinite

Whenever we do a lot of mistakes while using it in our conversation.The main thing which we need to mind while speaking is that we will always use the second form of the verb in an affirmative sentence or simple sentence.  But it is not necessary that if someone is using the expression of past indefinite so it would their routine. Even past indefinite defines the past routine of past time as similar as present indefinite do.

We can understand the ‘use of there’ with some examples, so let’s start learning:

  • I went to my friend’s home.
  • I wrote ten pages of my book.
  • She sang so confidently.
  • He ran so fast.
  • She got afraid of lizards.
  • We watched the latest movie.
  • They appreciated my speech.
  • You spoke very well in assembly.
  • He read so professionally.
  • I felt so good today.

For the negative expression of past indefinite tense, we will use ‘did’ which would be ‘did not’ with the first form of the verbs. Native speakers say ‘didn’t’ with the first form of the verb while speaking as a contraction, so here is the list of some examples:

  • I did not go with them today.
  • I didn’t go with them today.
  • She did not mention anything.
  • She didn’t mention anything.
  • You did not talk to me yesterday.
  • You didn’t talk to me yesterday.
  • We did not go for dinner last night.
  • We didn’t go for dinner last night.
  • They did not play with us.
  • They didn’t play with us.
  • He did not enjoy the party.
  • He didn’t enjoy the party.

Now, start having a conversation with help of it:

Question: Did you __the first form of the verb__?

Reply positively: Yes, I _ the second form of the verb__.

Reply negatively: No, I did not/ didn’t __the first form of the verb__.

Shivani Vats

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