Use Of There

In this lesson, we are going to learn about the use of there. It is very common to speak in English but we don’t know that how to speak English with help of use of there.

अंग्रेजी बोलने के लिए ‘there’ का प्रयोग बहुत ही आम है। लेकिन हम इसको पूरी तरह से नहीं जानते है।

Use Of There

If we talk about the use of there, so there is an adverb as well as a pronoun. And most of the time it is used as the subject of ‘be’, ‘seem’, ‘appear’, and etc.

हम अक्सर ‘there’ का प्रयोग किसी के अस्तित्व का संकेत करने के लिए ‘be’, ‘seem’, ‘appear’, आदि क्रियाओं के कर्ता के रूप में प्रयुक्त करते हैं।

We can understand the ‘use of there’ with some examples, so let’s start learning:

  • There was a king.
  • There are two pens in my pocket.
  • There is a man at the door.
  • There seems to be a mistake here.
  • There is a function in my college, today.
  • There is a primary school in my village.
  • There is a teacher in the classroom.
  • There is something fishy.
  • There is a rumor is going on about there friendship.
  • There is a fault on my mobile phone.

Here are some contractions which native speakers use while speaking, so here is the list :

  • There is- there’s
  • There are- there’re
  • There was- there was
  • There were- there’re
  • There is not- there isn’t
  • There are not- there aren’t
  • There was not- there wasn’t
  • There were not- there weren’t

Let’s start learning the way of having a conversation on behalf of “use of there”:

Question: Is there  ______________________?

Reply in positive: yes, I There _______________.

Reply in negative: No, There is not _______________.

Note: if we would like to use “There” in past sentences, then we will change replace the helping verb “is, are” with “was, were”


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