Use Of Was, Were + Art/ Profession/ Quality

In this lesson, you are going to learn a basic and important Use Of Was, Were + Art/ Profession/ Quality. So, These are verbs which are also known as “the be form of the verb” which we use as a linking verb in our daily life. We use was, were to tell about a person or a thing or to specify it.

So now we are going to practice Use Of Was, Were + Art/ Profession/ Quality. sentences so that we can get the use better on the tongue and make our speaking better as well. We can understand it with some examples:

  • He was my bosom friend.
  • She was the best dancer.
  • We were the Indians.
  • He was an engineer.
  • They were very generous.
  • They were loyal.
  • This was an amazing video.
  • I was a professor.
  • He was my ideal.
  • We were tourists.

Here are some contractions which are also called abbreviations for the following subjects and native speakers use while speaking and these are the combinations with different words to say someone about anyone or anything to explain someone or something, it looks very effective and impressive for an English speaker, It so here is the list:

  • You were _you’re
  • He was _he’s
  • She was _she’s
  • They were _they’re
  • We were -we’re
  • That was _that’s
  • This was _this’s
  • These were _these’re
  • Those were _those’re
  • Was not_ wasn’t
  • Were not_ weren’t

Here below some examples of using contractions in English while speaking as a native speaker,  So let’s try to speak it with the help of some examples and try to speak these out, so here is the list below:

  • They’re a hockey player.
  • He’s a movie director.
  • She’s an athlete.
  • They’re comedians.
  • We’re happy.
  •  You’re the winner.

Now start having conversation with help of it:

Question: Were you a/ an____________________?

Reply positively: Yes, I’re a/ an_________________.

Reply negatively: No, I weren’t a/ an_____________.

Shivani Vats

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