Use Of Was/Were + (Verb+ing)

In this lesson, you are going to learn a basic and important use of was/were. These words are used differently in sentences, so it’s important to know when to use was/were. was is used in the first and third person singular past. it is used in the subjunctive mood to indicate unreal or hypothetical statements. It is similar to the use of is am are+ (verb+ing)

Here we are learning ‘be forms’ as a helping verb, as a use of use of was/were + (verb+ing). This may have learned this in past continuous tense,  which shows progressing of an action in the past tense. It also shows continuous action in past.

Now let’s practice to improve your speaking skills. here are some examples :

  • He was dancing yesterday.
  • She was a teaching.
  • We were getting worried about our result.
  • I was getting busy yesterday.
  • The horse was running in the field.
  • I was talking to my friends.
  • They were playing football.
  • She was studying late yesterday.
  • I was feeling happy.
  • He was speaking English.
  • He was doing engineering.
  • She was making an art.
  • She was showing mercy.
  • I was getting tired.
  • They were upgrading their confidence level.
  • They were singing beautifully.
  • We were learning to speak English.
  • You were cracking jokes.
  • You were speaking well.

Here are some contractions which native speakers use while speaking, so here is the list :

  • I was _I’s
  • You were_ you’re
  • He was _he’s
  • She was _she’s
  • They were_ they’re
  • We were -we’re
  • That was -that’s

So let’s try to speak it with the help of some examples, so here is the list below :

  • I was playing hockey.
  • He’s watching the scary movie.
  • She’s running fast.
  • They’re laughing at her.
  • We’re discussing a topic.
  • You’re getting progressing.

Now, start having conversation with help of it:

Question: Were you ____________________?

Reply positively: Yes, I was _________________.

Reply negatively: No, I wasn’t/ was not _____________.

You can use these examples in your daily life for better results.

Shivani Vats


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