Use Of What’s The Use Of

In this lesson, we are going to learn about the use of ‘What’s the use of’. Basically, it is an interrogative expression which indicates something which seems somehow useless this why you are saying that is there any benefit of any object or doing something.

Use Of What’s the use of

‘What’s’ is the contraction of ‘what is’ or ‘what was’. It is used to ask questions that what is the benefit of something or doing an action.

We can understand the ‘use of What’s the use of’ with some examples, so let’s start learning:

  • What is the use of going there?
  • What is the use of wasting money?
  • What is the use of fighting?
  • What is the use of wasting time?
  • What is the use of operating the mobile phone in the classroom?
  • What is the use of crying in the wilderness?
  • What is the use of playing games during exam time?
  • What is the use of bunking the school and wondering outside?
  • What is the use of not sharing your feeling?
  • What is the use of not talking to me?
  • What is the use of getting angry?

Here are some contractions which native speakers use while speaking, so here is the list :

What’s – What is
What’s – What was

Let’s understand with some examples:

  • What’s the use of joining a bad company?
  • What’s the use of spending money recklessly?
  • What’s the use of not doing homework?
  • What’s the use of betraying anyone?
  • What’s the use of doing madness?
  • What’s the use of sitting idle?
  • What’s the use of walking too slowly?
  • What’s the use of taking on the phone during the workout?
  • What’s the use of saying ill words?
  • What’s the use of not eating anything?

Note: As you know the ‘use of What’s the use of’ is already an interrogative expression. So we can use it in your daily conversation to ask about something.

Shivani Vats

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