Use Of Would Like To

In this lesson, we are going to learn about ‘Use Of Would Like To‘. It is used to concern about the taste that someone wants or have something; wants/ desire, polite request or suggestion.

Use Of Would Like To

We can understand it with some examples:

  • He would like to take coffee.
  • He would like to become an engineer.
  • She would like to make an art.
  • She would like to participate in the marathon.
  • I would like to go swimming tomorrow.
  • They would like to upgrade their confidence level.
  • They would like to encourage himself.
  • We would like to learn to speak English.
  • You would like to go shopping.
  • I would like to join yeah English class.

Here are some contractions which native speakers use while speaking, so here is the list :

  • I would like to- I’d like to
  • You would like to- you’d like to
  • He would like to- he’d like to
  • She would like to- she’d like to
  • They would like to- they’d like to
  • We would like to- we’d like to
  • Would not like to- wouldn’t like to

So let’s try to speak it with the help of some examples, so here is the list below :

  • I’d like to play hockey.
  • He’d like to watch the scary movie.
  • She’d like to make a relationship with him.
  • They’d like to jump into the pool.
  • We’d like to discuss this matter.
  • You’d like to get a success.

Now, start having conversation with help of it:

Question: Would you like to ____________________?

Reply positively: Yes, I would/ I’d like to _________________.

Reply negatively: No, I wouldn’t like to/ would not like to _____________.

Vrinda Arya

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